About Us


Oscar Engelbert, vd & grundare Oscar Properties.

Oscar Properties was founded in 2004 with the vision of creating modern homes that are so unique, people actively research an Oscar Properties development when choosing a new home. Since its inception, Oscar Properties has developed a series of highly acclaimed residential new build and conversion projects. We acquire, develop and market properties in attractive locations with the long-term strategy of being active in both new build developments, conversions and property management. A building signed Oscar Properties can be an all-new building or an older property such as a former school, factory or post office. A common denominator in all Oscar Properties buildings is the aim to create strong living concepts, where architecture and design are important elements. A living experience out of the ordinary, quite simply.

Market and organisation

Oscar Properties acquires, develops and markets properties in attractive locations and engages in both new build, conversion and management of properties. Via new build developments and the conversion of former industrial, office, school and similar buildings.


Modern design, architecture and a deep understanding of how people want to live is the essence of our company. We place great emphasis on craftsmanship and choise of materials in our pursuit to create unique housing concepts. Art is a constant source of inspiration and an important part of the creative work process.


Sustainability is an integral part of our business and something that engages us. We create attractive housing and contribute to sustainable urban development with a particular focus on design, architecture and an understanding of how people want to live. As well as a constant pursuing the most environmentally friendly housing solutions possible.

Work with us

We are continuously looking for new competent and competitive partner to our business that will help us continue to grow and change Skåne and Sweden’s cityscape as far as we can. Our partners identify with our core values; Commitment, innovation and quality.